Monday, July 28, 2014

Garmin Forerunner 305 Or Tom Tom Runner?

When I was looking at a running watch, I know this was the question that I asked myself - Garmin or Tom Tom?  And I honestly wound up with both a Garmin and a Tom Tom over the years.

Let me compare the two:

Garmin Forerunner 305

This was my first ever running watch, and I still use it today. After about a year or so the 'beep' stopped beeping. That is a little irritating since I had it set up for mile splits. From what I understand, it has to possibly do with a 'sweat' issue, and too much sweat getting into the watch? But here are the pros and cons.


  • To my knowledge, the information is accurate. I've never doubted the distance or the pace with this watch.
  • No lag time with pace or average pace
  • Shows Mile splits
  • Shows Current Pace and Average Pace
  • Can set up the screen for multiple screen displays
  • Can look at splits in the middle of a run
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • Numerous Training Options
  • Can be used in various weather conditions (heat, rain, snow etc)
  • Nice backlight 


  • Big and bulky
  • Stopped beeping which is annoying
  • Band isn't the easiest to adjust for smaller arms
  • Can be a little slow about finding the satellite

Tom Tom Runner 


  • Stylish - can also be worn daily as a regular watch - comes in various colors
  • Fast when finding satellite (so far with my experience using it)
  • Easy to use - easy to navigate screens while running
  • Several Training Options (although I haven't tested these yet) 
  • Can be used in various weather conditions (heat, rain, snow etc) 
  • When the data is uploaded, it can be synced with MapMyRun (can also be uploaded via iPhone app)
  • Nice backlite 
  • Touch screen is pretty cool 
  • Vibrates when using training options (such as intervals etc) 


  • Lag time with current and average pace - My personal experience has shown that there is a lag time with current pace and average pace. In the end, the average pace is correct, but sometimes not until the run is over. 
  • Doesn't show mile splits until information is uploaded. And then it's off a little since it's uploaded into the TomTomMysport program. 
  • Doesn't work for biking or other sports. They do make a multisport watch, but mine is the Runner. 

So which one is 'the best'? Well, it's going to depend on exactly what you want it for and how you will use it. Honestly, I use both of my watches. If I'm going out for an easy run where current pace isn't a factor, I will wear my Tom Tom Runner. It finds the satellite faster. I like how I can easily navigate through the screens. And I enjoy that I can upload my data with a touch of a button. 

However, if I'm doing a pace run where current/average pace is important, I will wear my Garmin. I'm very much into 'mile splits', and if I need that information immediately, I will wear my Garmin. Also, because I have worn it for years, and I'm just very comfortable with it, I will probably wear my Garmin (or both). (yes, I've been known to wear both during runs - overkill I know!) during races. During a race, I like to know my current pace. 

So with most of my training runs, I'm wearing my Tom Tom. But during my upcoming races, I will wear my Garmin. 

I hope this helps you decide which watch to get. All in all, I would consider both of them good watches. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

#GirlsRunFast Half Marathon 13.1 Sticker Giveaway

If you haven't already heard, I'm a Girls Run Fast Ambassador.
And they have the cutest jewelry along with apparel and other cool stuff.  Speaking of cool stuff, check out this reflective window sticker.

Who wants one? Yep, I'm giving one away. Just enter the giveaway below. The giveaway ends August 2, 2014. (U.S. Residents Only).  Goo luck. And share this post with your friends :) 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Surviving Hand Foot and Mouth While Marathon Training

I think I'm going to put this down as a milestone on Facebook. You know right after "got engaged", "got married", "had a baby", "contracted Hand Foot and Mouth Disease."  Because, I have to tell you, right now, it feels like a milestone.

Don't believe what you read when it says "mild" condition. Apparently adults aren't really supposed to get this. I'm not really sure how I was 'chosen'. I'm pretty much a germaphobe. Oh, you know the one. Touch a grocery cart (get out hand sanitizer), pay for groceries (get out hand santizier), put groceries in car (get out hand sanitizer). And I practically scrub my son once we leave any public place. I think you get the idea.
But somehow, Lil Man and I have contracted this horrible little illness. Lil Man has had a few crying spells, and he's been grumpy from time to time. But although he has some blisters on his elbows and hands, and a rash, he has played as if he felt fine. Me on the other hand has yelped as I've picked up things. A simple cup of water almost brought tears because just a light touch to the blisters bring pain - and lots of it.
But the worst is the hands and the feet. My hands feel like pins are sticking in them, and when the blisters started between the toes (yes, between the toes), well I couldn't help but yell "Seriously! Why! Why! Why!" In addition to the blisters, I'm covered head to toe in a rash. 
Today, well today, my feet have numerous blisters. I counted at least 7 on one toe alone. But this marathon is fast approaching, so I decided to see if I could manage it. And I got in 6 miles. It certainly wasn't pretty. And honestly, it was quite painful. But I told myself just pretend it's the last 6 miles of the marathon and run through the pain :) 

I think you get the picture. So what about running???? 

Well, the first day resulted in a 103 fever. So I wasn't able to run. The second day, I still had a slight fever and chills. The third day the fever was gone, but I now had the blisters. But, I went out for a run. It was supposed to be 5 miles according to the training plan. I had already missed 2 days and didn't want to miss any more. But the pain was pretty bad so I stopped at 4 miles. 

I'm not sure how long this illness is going to last, especially since I'm still getting new blisters today. I keep hoping that I will reach the peak of this and then start to get better.  I'm really hoping the blisters are better before I attempt my 12 miler this weekend! 

But illness doesn't stop the marathon from I hope I don't miss too many more scheduled runs. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Humidity, Am I Swimming Or Running?

The end of this week is supposed to bring cooler temps and lower humidity. But man, these last few weeks, and especially these last few days have been tough.

This is what 99% humidity looks like.

I didn't even attempt a picture after today's 6 miler. I just wanted out of my wet clothes into something dry. I was glad that I made sure that I took water with me today. 

How do you deal with the humidity? I'm finding that even short runs (less than 6 miles) are requiring water. Normally, I wouldn't bring water with me for runs less than 6 miles, or at least less than 4 miles. But lately, even my 4 milers are requiring water. 

I'm looking forward to less humid weather this week. But I also know that the humidity will be back. 

How do you handle humidity? 

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Family, Life, and Marathon Training

Who knew that summer with a 3 year old would be so busy? As you know, Lil Man is our only child, and we are learning as we go. So I wasn't really prepared for the busy summer days, and I even ditched some of the programs that I had originally considered us doing. But we are having a blast at Hershey Park this year. And we are getting more than our money out of our season passes. We love the rides, but we also love the water park (What I Saw Today)

In addition to staying busy with Lil Man, and Hubby with his business travels, I am in full mode marathon training. This week I reached (I think) my highest weekly mileage ever of 34 miles. I'm pretty nervous that my marathon is fast approaching. So far other than being sore, my body is feeling ok. I do have a hamstring that's a little tender. So I know I need to be more faithful about foam rolling, especially with the mileage increasing.  

But I'm putting one step in front of the other, one more mile then another. 

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