Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Runs Are Getting Longer - 15 Miles

And the runs are getting longer - can you believe the marathon is less than 8 weeks ago - just typing that makes me super nervous!

But this weekend's plan was for 6 miles at a 9 minute mile. And then Sunday was supposed to be 15 miles at an 11-11:15 pace.

Saturday's Run :

Yep - NAILED IT! I had a friend who met me so that she could push me to keep me on pace. She did an awesome job. And then my biggest fan was waiting on me (as usual) when I got home. He's always waiting on me at the door when I get home. I do believe he is my biggest fan. 

And during Saturday's run, I asked my friend if she wanted to run with me on Sunday (for either the entire 15 miles or at least part). I did not look forward to running 15 miles solo. And I knew that keeping the pace would also be a challenge. She said she would run the entire 15 with me. 

It was 15 miles in the rain. We got in lots of hill work also. And, we came in under pace. 

Total mileage this week... wait for it... wait for it.... 47 miles!

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