Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marathon Training No One Said It Would Be Easy Or Even Always Fun

 No one said that it would be easy, or that it would always be enjoyable, and always fun. But when you've made a commitment - it's a commitment - and you see it through (and no I'm not talking about marriage, although I could easily make a correlation between the two). I'm referring to my marathon training.

See, last Sunday I had a 14 mile run on the schedule. Mentally I felt blah. Physically I felt 'ok' but not stellar. And when it came down to it, my mental blah won in the end and I bailed at 6 miles on my 14 mile run. If I thought I felt bad mentally before, I really felt bad mentally after bailing on the run. My trainer, being the trainer that she is, simply said, can you get in a 2 hour or so run on Monday? Gulp, I suppose so.

And that's just what I did.

It required me getting up before the sun woke up so that I could get in a 2 hour run before Hubby went to work. I am TERRIFIED of running solo in the dark. But I had bailed on my Long Run the day before, and the marathon is fast approaching, so I told myself to suck it up and get it done. That was Monday. 

Tuesday was a 5 mile run in the rain. 

Wednesday was 8 Miles (also part of it was in the rain). It pretty much felt like we were running in the rain forest. It was super humid. 

And today was Tempo Run Thursday. The plan was a gradual build up peaking at 8:12, and then a gradual back down for 45 minutes. NAILED IT! I actually wound up peaking at 8:06. This run was tough. My legs are tired, but it's done. 

Tomorrow is REST day! Whew, and I'm ready for it. Because Saturday and Sunday are waiting for me with a 6 miler and 15 miler. 

No one said it would be easy. But marathon training is a journey, a learning experience, and one of the biggest commitments that you will make to yourself - for yourself.

What is it that you do for you?

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